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My only friend.

My perfect little sun. by Leenechan
My perfect little sun., a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

"Julia Child" is perhaps the only budded rose in my garden that isn't sticking up the middle finger at me right now. In addition to "Moondance" having thrips, the wet weather has really taken its toll on the flowers of "Simon Estes" and "Chapeau de Napoleon." Better next time!

To be fair, the roses that aren't trying to bloom look pretty good, especially the Buck roses and Ausjo (guess which rose that is!). Also, in spite of being masticated by aphids "Duchesse de Montebello" is a fast-growing beast. "Felicite Parmentier" is growing a little bit from the base.

It's too bad that "Chapeau de Napoleon's" pretty flower has taken such a beating from the elements. It's still a cute thing in person, but in photos the bloom looks like hell.

By the way, that white crap on the foliage of most of my roses isn't mildew, it's residue from Liquid Fence. ::sobs::