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No resolution for either situation yet.

The good news is that the aphids are finally starting to back away from our plants. The new roses are showing a lot of growth. "Iobelle" has four flowerbuds, "Distant Drums" has one, and "Golden Princess" is shooting out new leaves from all directions. Our poor little "Prairie Sunrise" has an adult-looking flowerbud and is growing a new cane from the base.

The next rose to bloom will likely be "Simon Estes." I was shocked to learn that this rose was the one with the highest ARS rating of all the Buck roses. 8.5!

"Moondance" and "Chapeau de Napoleon" will follow. Then "Julia Child." "Julia Child" is really something else. In spite of being somewhat more susceptible to blackspot than the other roses, she is a blooming monster with flowers that last on the plant for more than a week. Right now, she has seven flowerbuds! She's not a big plant by any means, either. I think the max size is 3'by 3'.