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The Star.

"Prairie Star" and "Quietness" both bloomed today. I'm a little confused by "Quietness," because even though the flower shape seems right the flower is really purple! I'm hoping it'll be more pink with the next flush...otherwise I might start worrying that I was given the wrong plant!

Anyway, isn't "Prairie Star" beautiful? It's listed as a yellow blend, but it's really peachy-pink in the center fading to white. It doesn't smell like much, but the flower shape and color is absolutely exquisite. I heard from a few sources that it has some problems with foliar diseases, but when it comes down to it, doesn't everything?

I'm including this with "Folk Singer" and "Prairie Harvest" as one of my favorite Buck roses. I could love "Quietness" too, as long as I can be sure that it is "Quietness." That flower form really is something...