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Twin Moons.

Twin Moons. by Leenechan
Twin Moons., a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

Our peony "Moonstone" has been blooming for the past few days. It's really one of my favorite peonies, even though this is only its second year in the ground. It has strong stems and flowers so huge you have hold them with both hands. It also has the loveliest fragrance, like honey and melon, unlike most of the fragrant peonies that smell like cinnamon chewing gum. Our Chinese tree peony "Blue Butterfly" smelled the same except not as strongly.

Unfortunately, our lawn doesn't look so hot in the background.

Of our many peonies, I consider "Moonstone", "Paula Fay", "Coral Sunset" and "Cheddar Charm" to be my favorites. If I were to recommend anyone a peony to add to their garden, however, I would suggest "Moonstone" over the others. It really is perfect in every way!