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Another Bloomer.

We have a lot of new flowers blooming today. I love the color of "Winter Sunset", but it's too bad that the flowers open up so quickly! I haven't tried smelling it yet, because it's a bit too close to the ground. XD

I ended up cutting flowers off "Prairie Star" and "Folksinger" and putting them in a cordial glass. The flowering canes were half-broken, and the flowers were starting to get beat up. Thankfully both roses have another bud on an undamaged cane set to bloom in a few days. "Folksinger" is an especially beautiful rose.

No sign of thrips on "Prairie Star." I always worry about the white roses. It's good to know that thrips aren't endemic in my yard!

I counted seven flowerbuds on "Julia Child." It's not called a floribunda for nothing!