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What's Wrong With You?

Ehh...LiveJournal is acting up. Is this even going to post 6_6?

Leene-chan is still wearing Maya's hand-me-downs. I have to admit that the black dress Maya came with looks better on her! I'm going to have to get off my lazy bum and sew her something sooner or later. I do love that 60cm Black Lily dress, but I am NOT paying 7,800 yen for it. No way!

I wish fall would hurry up and come. It's ridiculous to say that on the first day of July, but I hate the summer. I hate hot weather with a passion. My hair is too thick for this kind of weather. I wish I could just hack it off. My brothers just don't understand. If they had their way we'd never use the A.C. What is it with men and air conditioning?

I need to find some motivation. I don't want to do anything but sit around and listen to music. Blah.