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News from the Band Nursery.

Duchesse de Montebello is growing like a little champ. We'll probably be able to put her in the ground in July. Not bad for a band that came to us infested with aphids!

In second place is Felicite Parmentier, still looking to the world like a tomato seedling. Rook and Gallicandy are going slow but steady.

I'm glad to see all the new plants greening up at last. Golden Princess looked like she was about to drop all her leaves!

The award for the scariest thorns goes to rugosa rose Polareis. Which is, in my opinion, the only rose of its class to qualify as beautiful:


It looks like our cherry tree Shogetsu in rose form. But take a look at those thorns!



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May. 23rd, 2012 03:27 pm (UTC)
I'm thinking of trying out the rugosa Therese Bugnet...if RVR would ever get back with me, that is. VERY disappointed in how they've handled the 2 mislabled bands I got in 2010.

My FPs are still so tiny! Not sure why they don't like me.
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