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Good Garden News?

It looks like the crud on peony "Salmon Dream" was only superficial fungus. I sprayed it with Actinovate last night and just peeled it off this morning. I think that maybe it will bloom after all?

Also, the buds on "James Mason" might have been destroyed by aphids, but I see a new bud forming! And now I have the insecticidal soap, as well as the most awesome hand sprayer ever:


Oh boy do I wish I had two more of these: one for Actinovate and one for Liquid Fence. It's so nice to be able to lock it into spray mode and coat the entire plant rather than constantly working the hand lever! Maybe if I hadn't gone over budget with the roses this year, I'd be able to buy a couple more...

Most of the new transplants are doing fine, but "Golden Princess" is sulking in her pot. I'm sure she'll recover.