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Something's been snacking on my iris....

I just noticed that one of our divided After the Storm tall bearded iris has had the top bitten off it. I'm not sure what kind of animal would do such a thing, because I heard that rabbits and deer don't really like them. Or do they?

It might have been a chipmunk. Those f--ing things are running rampart throughout the yard. I can't even set foot outside without sending one scampering away, making hideous squeaking noises.

It might have still been a rabbit. I haven't seen any other evidence that the bunny is back, though. It usually goes for the asters first.

Well, whatever it was, I hope it likes hot pepper spray! I hope the hot pepper spray works. The irises are within days of blooming and it would kill me if something got to them before they popped their glorious flowers.

And then there's aphids, aphids and more aphids. They are really getting out of hand. I blast them off with the hose and two hours later, they're back. Chipmunks, aphids, rabbits...multiflora rose in big clumps on the border of our yard. I gashed my right thumb open taking some of it out last night.

Kristen says she got bit by thrips when she was out pruning the forsythia bush. Things are lookin' good for our garden!

Well, clematis Gillian Blades bloomed today. I'll take a picture tomorrow.