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Another day, another Draculaura...

Those white bleeding hearts have been hanging around for a long time!

Kristen rerooted this Dead Tired Draculaura for me a little while ago. Her hair is Snow White, Platinum White and Mint Ice. All scraps left over from other projects, but isn't she sweet?

I had to repaint the lips on this doll, too. She came with such a cute face, but her lip paint was damaged. Originally I had wanted to go wacky and give her green lips, but once I started to apply the paint I thought it looked ugly. So I wiped them again and repainted her lips in Dark Victorian Rose, just like I did with that Day at the Maul Draculaura that Kristen sold a few months ago.

Except this doll is cuter. Because she's not Day at the Maul Draculaura.