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Flower and freeze.

It was very upsetting, but we ended up having to cut all of those lovely tree peony blossoms off and put them in vases. Why, do you ask? Because we're under Freeze Warning tonight! That means that any flowers or tender vegetation that's left uncovered is going to melt like a snow-cone in July. Thanks to our March heat wave, the plants are blooming at least two weeks early. The tree peonies aren't supposed to bloom until May, when we usually don't have hard freezes. So we had to run around outside tonight covering everything with either plastic bags or flower pots. The wind made it especially hard to wrap the tree peonies. I don't know if it's going to do any good, but we have to believe in victory!

Everything had grown so big already, especially the herbaceous peonies. If this spring freeze damages them I'm going to kick Mother Nature in the crotch. If only...

I'm praying that the oriental poppies stay intact. We did cover them, but this is the first year we've had success with them...so far. Of our three "Princess Victoria Louise"s, only one plant doesn't have buds out already. One has three, one has one...I think that "Eyecatcher" has two. Imagine that! I'm so used to planting them in the ground and having them die after a few weeks. We've never tried them in the south garden, though. I suppose that this is a joy that only I would understand, but if we actually get flowers out of these things, it would really be a miracle.

Just like all those tree peony flowers popping open today, right before the freeze. We got our show after all! I was so afraid we'd have to cut the flowers before they opened and miss the chance to see the shrubs in full bloom. Even if it was only for a few hours, it was well worth the price of admission. Until next year! We probably won't be able to get another tree peony this year, but when we do it's definitely going to be red. I don't care if clashes with the other three. I never care about that kind of thing. There isn't a single color flower I won't plant in my garden, ha ha!