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Bird of Prey Part 2!!!!

This afternoon we went out shopping for the Easter meal. Which is to be roast chicken and everything that goes with it, and blueberry pie for dessert. All the stores were sale-ing the usual lamb and ham, but none of us care for either. On the way, we stopped by the local nursery to pick up some Neptune's Harvest and check out their Japanese iris. We left with the Neptune's Harvest and two more poppy anemones, one with blue-violet single flowers and the other with double red-violet flowers.

Kristen and I were outside working in the yard tonight (me weeding out a bazillion myriad maple seedlings from the gardens, and her using the stinky fish fertilizer) when I spied a large bird circling the sky overhead. I pointed it out to her--I assumed it was a hawk or an oversized crow--and to our shock it started circling closer and closer to the ground. It swooped into our yard and let me tell you, this bird was gorgeous and GIGANTIC! Like something that had escaped from a zoo! It was a huge dark brown bird of prey with a grayish hooked beak and a wingspan of at least six feet. It dipped close to the ground near our Rose of Sharon before gliding into our neighbor's yard. We actually got so nervous having it close that we ran inside. We thought it was going to peck us!

Once again, we have sighted this bird in our yard:


Last year when I sighted a female and male pair on our roof nobody I told IRL believed me. They laughed at me and insisted it was a pair of turkey vultures. Now I have a witness! My God, it was really amazing. It must have been one of those eagles from the colony in Ontario that overwinters in the Carolinas. They must be on their way to their summer home now. Phew!

EDIT: I found this article online, dated today. Interesting!