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Plants that keep growing...

Lo and behold, our Griffith Buck Rose "Prairie Harvest" has four flowerbuds! I guess that we know who wins the prize for the first rose bloom of the year!

I'm not sure what "Crested Moss" is going to do at this point. It's starting to slowly leaf out, but I wonder if it's still too small to bloom? On the other hand, our hybrid Gallica "James Mason" has broken dormancy in a major way and is growing fast. Other fast growers include hybrid musk rose "Aptos" and Griffith Buck Rose "Simon Estes." "Quietness" is just starting to leaf out. I wonder what took it so long?

I have no idea how "Julia Child" is doing right now. It got crushed badly by snow during that October nor'easter. It's still covered with mulch. I'm pretty sure it's still alive...

As far as the peonies go...I never thought that of all our new plants, "Buckeye Belle" was going to be the one to put on a good show the first year. It has four good-sized flowerbuds. "Salmon Dream" also has a big fat one. "Coral Sunset" has a small one. "Lorelei" might bloom as well...but no dice for "Scarlet O'Hara." "Bartzella" probably won't bloom, either. =_=

We planted "Philomele" and "Cheddar Charm" in 2010. They had better bloom this year!

We still have to cover the roses and new peonies every night to protect them from freeze damage. Gurgh...

We have so many clemati now and they are looking great. Clematises? I hacked them all down to four inches above the soil last week. They were giving us sparse blooms last year. Those vines are a lot like the white forsythia; if you want to make them happy you have to prune them mercilessly!

I can't believe our "Lemon Chiffon" has finally come back to life after being murdered in the spring of 2010....Or was it 2009? I ripped it out of the ground accidently when I was clearing out the brush. Some dumbass had emptied out their soda on top of it and it got all sticky and clumped together. We got "Gillian Blades" that same year to replace it. Now "Lemon Chiffon" has finally built up the root system to shoot out new vines. It's a clematis miracle!