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Taking Photos.

I did a little work taking pictures of my dolls tonight. Two itty bitty cute Azone items that I had backordered with HLJ came in, and I wasted no time in taking my poor Nurse Maria out of the yellow fairy outfit she's been wearing for a year. I already have the "radish green" colonial-style blouse, but they're so pretty that I ordered the brown one too. I have a hard time matching the separates, but I thought the apron skirts were cute and ordered one just for the heck of it. They actually make a very nice set!

Here's Maria in the outfit I bought her. You can't see the skirt from here--sorry ^__^!--but brown is a nice color on her, isn't it?

This is Lyris, one of my custom dolls. You can't really see her face because her hair is in the way, but I thought it was a cute shot. That silver hair of hers is hard to handle--I had to put water wax in it to keep it from flying everywhere. Oops! ^o^;....

Last but not least is the obligatory Emilio pic. ^__^ I had to sneak Fuuka in here, she really wanted to join in! The difference in their head size makes this photo look pretty strange. Emilio for one was not cooperating--his head isn't exactly easy to manipulate, and it was hard to get a clear shot of his face with those long bangs in the way! He looks completely out-of-it in the picture. He's so cute! He has this deep stare but at the same time it looks kind of empty, like he doesn't even know he's doing it. ^___^;;....


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Jun. 23rd, 2003 08:03 pm (UTC)
I almost forgot you had a Michael till you posted the pic of him the other day! You should take more pics of him!! Cute pics on the other dolls!
Jun. 23rd, 2003 08:24 pm (UTC)
*switches Marias*

=^^=;;; I just love Nurse Maria's short red hair! She's prettier than mine, I think. Fuuka and Emilio look adorable together, too. =^__^= Take more group photos, I tell you! Or let me come visit you and I'll take some. XD
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