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More Springtime Friends.

"We brought a friend!" by Leenechan
"We brought a friend!", a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

I don't think the squirrels grabbed any of these bulbs over the winter. What luck!

Garden Update: Most of the roses are starting to leaf out. I don't know if OGR Crested Moss a.k.a Chapeau de Napoleon a.k.a Cristata is going to bloom this year, but it sure looks healthy!

Unfortunately, our new Chinese Tree Peony "Flying Swallow in a Red Dress" is not going to bloom. We bought an older plant and everything...=_= Fortunately, our two other tree peonies are going to give us a good show, with at least eleven flowers apiece. And no fungus!

The yellow lilac looks great, too. I guess it's because we treated it like we wanted it to live last year. ^^;...We actually watered and fertilized the poor thing. That goes to show once again that sometimes you can't let your plants fend for themselves. Our rhododendron has grown huge this year.

Oriental poppies have grown so big I have to make them new cages. All the clemati are present and accounted for. Daffodils will be blooming soon. Spring is such a time of hectic change!