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My stomach has felt awful today. I don't think it's anything that I ate, because I hardly ate anything.

My copy of the 5th Harry Potter book arrived today (or yesterday?). I was surprised that it had been shipped Fed-Ex, because I don't remember requesting that. Would you believe that I'm halfway through already? I guess it's a fast read.

I only have two rows left on the first side on the MSD coat. Thank God I haven't made a mistake yet. I hope it turns out all right, because if it doesn't I'm going to be very disappointed in myself!

How did it get so late all of a sudden? I don't know where the time went. I know I wasted my time doing something today, but I don't know what. I slept too late. I was supposed to work out but my stomach hurt too much. That's been happening a lot lately. This rain is driving me crazy. It's going to be horribly hot tomorrow, and I don't know if I should set the AC to auto before I go to bed so the heat doesn't overtake the house tomorrow morning. Phooey.

I'm tired of having this burning feeling in the pit of my stomach. It's definitely not an ulcer, but whenever I think an anxious thought my guts lurch like...that. I wonder if I should move into a plastic bubble or some other stress-free environment? If I were playing the Sims right now, I'd make my character go to bed early, rest up and get up to watch tv or just hang out in the living room while her idiot roommate stays in bed. Too bad real life isn't like that controlled microcosm.