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Going somewhere...slowly.

I've written sixteen pages toward my sixth goal. I haven't decided whether I should aim for the easier or harder target. I really want to debox that Lagoona! Other than the obvious idiocy of adding yet another doll to my already too-large collection, I can't really feel stupid about paying more than retail for her. 2.0 Lagoona is pretty much impossible to find. Plus, if I waited for a cheaper doll I might have ended up with one with defective face paint. I only saw one picture of a defective 2.0 Lagoona on flickr, and it was pretty terrifying.

Tonight we made a vegetable lasagna using the recipe from Cook's Illustrated's Italian Classics. For the veggies we used cremini mushrooms and rainbow chard. It was damn near perfect! I have to admit that at first the concept of a lasagna with mozzarella and no ricotta struck me as strange, but it really works! It was so much better than the crappy vegetable lasagna I've had in restaurants. One of them used broccoli as the main vegetable, and the dish was a nasty, waterlogged mess.

Kristen has been nursing a strange cold for past few days. It seems to have settled in her ears. I got it too, but I never progressed beyond the woozy/fatigued stage into the stuffy/sore throat congested ears stage. The same thing happened the last time there was an illness in the house. I never seem to get as sick as she does. I think it's because I'm on fire. On fire! XD

I put one of the extra gel refills Parker packages with their Jotter pens into an old red Jotter I found at the bottom of a drawer. It's a smooth, fast writer and doesn't transfer as much to your hand as the ballpoint cartridge, but it only works if you write in cursive. Maybe my mind and pen will work at the same speed for once...too bad I have really shitty penmanship...

The writing callus on my right ring finger is as big as a blueberry now. Yikes!