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Too many explosions.

Explosion Number 1: My second pink Parker Jotter. It finally ran out of ink after weeks and weeks of marathon writing. When I took it apart to change the cartridge, I discovered to my shock and horror that the spent cartridge had exploded inside the barrel, leaking blue ink everywhere. I had to throw the pen away. It was my favorite! Boy, am I pissed!

Explosion Number 2: The washing machine. Not an explosion of machine, but an explosion of suds. I accidentally used regular laundry detergent in our front load, HE washer. Don't ask me why we still have regular detergent in the house considering that we've had that new washer for about five years! The disaster it created reminded me of that scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when they ride the car through the Wonka Wash. Oh God. We had to scoop handfuls of suds from the washer and dump them in the downstairs bathroom sink, then run that load of towels through the wash with no soap four times before we got rid of all the mess. I can't take full responsibility for the incident, because I'm not the one who bought the wrong laundry detergent. And the lighting in the laundry room is so poor!