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Goodbye Howleen/Hello 2.0 Lagoona!

Well, for the time being, at least. Unless I can find Howleen/Clawdeen for retail I'm not going to be able to get them for a looooong time. I just bought 2.0 a.k.a School's Out Lagoona off Amazon for twice her original price. Thankfully she came in perfect condition and is quite beautiful. Otherwise I'd have to put my hand through plate glass or something. XD

What's interesting to note about her is that unlike a lot of the Monster High dolls she's made in China, not Indonesia. So far the only lines that I've noticed were made in China are Dead Tired and Skull Shores. The made-in-China dolls usually don't have heads full of glue. I guess they're better quality? She appears to have the same facial screening as Dead Tired Lagoona, with the smaller, less droopy eyes and sterner expression. She has similiar makeup but is much, much prettier than Skull Shores Lagoona in my opinion. I'm really pleased with her, but I probably won't be able to debox her for a while. It'll just be sweeter that way, I suppose...