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Custom Monster High Doll Ahoy!

Kristen finally listed her lovely rerooted Draculaura on eBay today. She was a lot of work, but I think she turned out great!


I was very nervous about doing it, but Kristen had asked me from the start to repaint her lips. She had a small factory defect in her lip paint that she thought might bother prospective buyers. So repaint them I did...and I very nearly ruined her! I learned two very important lessons about customizing Monster High dolls today. 1). Always keep a bottle of 100% acetone in the house and 2). If you want to repaint the lips on a Monster High doll, you MUST REMOVE THE ORIGINAL PAINT FIRST!! This goes against the advice I received when I started repainting dolls XX amount of years ago. Don't worry about not having a guide for keeping the lips straight. Monster High dolls' lips are well defined. You'll figure it out. If you don't remove the original lip paint first, you'll get a horrible, chalky, splotchy, lumpy finish. Thank god Kristen didn't break my neck for messing up her doll's lips at first. She kept her cool and wiped the crap off with acetone. Painting the naked vinyl was so easy after that!

If the doll goes for her starting bid, Kristen will have made exactly $8 profit. Here's to hoping it goes higher! XD