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Flying cat is flying!!!

I was just about to sit down at the computer in my bedroom and write a nice intellectual blog post when Lucas came bouncing onto my bed with a toy mouse in his mouth. Too bad he didn't yell this time. He usually goes "Whoa whoa!" or "Ooooo!" or something. If I'm lucky, he'll growl. XD Silly kitty. Why does he have to be so bad? A few mornings ago he bit the hell out of my hand and then gave me the most loving expression ever.

He also has this really bad habit that he only indulges in when he feels truly dejected. I don't want to talk much about it...but I'll say that it involves his pink bear blanket, and for some reason he makes us watch.

I have a prize for my sixth writing goal! I traded 2.0 Draculaura to Kristen for this doll. She wasn't an expensive doll, so I'll be posting her soon enough. Kristen had bought her for a rerooting project, but she found her creepy looking. In the end, she got a nice Ghoul Spirit Ghoulia off eBay for a decent price, and had no use for this doll. I think she's pretty interesting! I don't find her hair too bad, so I won't have her rerooted.

I wonder how much luck I'm going to have finding that Howleen set. It seems that the dolls don't even come with stands. Argh...