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Let's Get Started :D!

Ahh.....I just had an idea. If I archive my personal and doll diaries on the Sakura Tea Room and use this as a composite diary for now on, wouldn't that be.....less trouble? Of course, that means anyone who wants to read my doll diary would have to put up with my miscellaneous crap, and vice versa ^_6. Just the same, I'd like to give it a test run and see how it goes!

So...anyway.......::drools:: What's been going on lately? On the doll front, I finally worked up the courage to post Matilda to the Lunar Ark. I held back for a week because I know that NDR heads aren't that popular. I think the 04 head is the cutest of the Azone Edit Kit heads, anyway! I'd like to try the 03 head, too. The 01 head is pretty weird, but cute. I had a lot of trouble painting the 02 head, though. I didn't really like it. The face was kind of a weird shape, and the chin was too weak for my tastes. I had to repaint Kaede 3 times before I was satisfied with her, and I still don't like her that much -_-;;;......

Kristen placed an order with Minako for a pair of Volks glass eyes in light orange for Fuuka. They're going to be my Christmas present. ^_^ I also like the light green, light blue and purplish-red ones, but the light orange ones are just so unusual! :D They're going to take a while, but that's fine with me.

Buu....I have a lot of dolls to repaint! I also need to start sewing some outfits, or all my dolls are going to be naked. It's such a burden....I wish I could just paint, and leave the sewing to someone else, but I know I'm just being lazy. I AM lazy!


I also bid on and won on eBay a white-skinned D body for my lonely prerooted, white-skinned green hair head. I've had that head for a while, and I'm tired of waiting for Volks to re-release those bodies! I want to give the head wavy hair, maybe....gray eyes? I'll try to make her pretty. I've been lacking confidence in my abilities lately.....fuuu......;_;.....

Oh, and I HATE DOLLFIE PLUSES. Just so you all know ^o ^.

Ohhh....if I could get any Super Dollfie in the world, I would get a Mimi. And Ian. And a FCS doll with the F-08 head. Yes, I know that head is conventional and a tad overused, but I think it's cute!

On the...other front, I beat Tales of Destiny. Finally. It made me sad. The characters were pretty shallow! The only one I liked was Leon, and he.....::sniiiffffff::.....well, I'm not going to cry that hard, because Namco seems to have found some way to weasel him into the sequel, in some incarnation. I don't know if Tales of Destiny 2 will come out in America (it comes out next month in Japan) but if it doesn't, I'm getting me a Japanese PS2 and im-porting it! Yee-hah! :D Gee, and I usually can't stand Midorikawa characters! O_o....

And I'm playing Star Ocean 2 again, Claude's quest this time. I can't believe I missed Chisato! ::kills self:: I love laughing at the awful voices!