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Cheating my way to the top.

"It's Operetta, y'all!" by Leenechan
"It's Operetta, y'all!", a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

Well, that's really between me and myself, isn't it? I may not have written the thirty-two pages required for me to debox Nefera (I don't want to hear it) but I only needed to write twenty pages to debox Operetta. And debox I did. Now it begins anew...

She has typical Operetta hair issues, but she doesn't have wonky eyes! And her lip paint isn't smeared! Woo hoo! You always take a chance when you order one of these dolls online.

Maybe it's because of the mole, but I think that Operetta bears a striking resemblance to late actress Anne Francis. After all, that beauty mark was iconic.