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Strange Dreams.

I usually don't talk about my dreams in my blog, but last night's dream was too weird not to share! I dreamt that during the day Lucas had gotten out of the house and squeezed himself into of the numerous animal den holes in the back yard. He stayed there with his head poking out and the rest of his body buried underground, mocking me with squinty eyes. As I desperately tried to dig him out, this raccoon was running around the back yard in broad daylight, dead set on killing Lucas. I kept beating it back whenever it came close, and got myself bitten a couple of times. I kept thinking, "Okay, now I've got rabies, I've got rabies, I've got rabies again." Eventually I managed to fling the raccoon down the bottom of our hill and dug Lucas out before it recovered. Lucas had spent so much time buried underground that his body had become a sweet potato. That's right, a sweet potato! He still had a cat head, legs and tail, but his torso had become a sweet potato! And there he was frolicking around the back yard with his sweet potato body, and I was freaking out thinking I needed to bring him to the emergency vet.

Just before I woke up I remember finding a paper bag poking out of the ground near one of the gutters behind the master bedroom. I dug it out and opened to discover several heads of excellent quality garlic. I said to myself, "Wow, it's still in great shape after all this time!" because I had buried that garlic next to the downspout a year earlier for safekeeping. What the hell.

I do not take drugs. I swear.