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What to say on a rainy day?

I don't like checking my archives and seeing days and days without posts. After all, what am I paying for this account for? So, let's see if I can think of something to say.

We made pumpkin bread from the America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook last night. We left the nuts out because everyone seems to have a problem with nuts. And it was very, very good. I have a weakness for sweets like quick breads, muffins and coffee cake. I need to watch myself...I can definitely stop myself at one cookie or a small piece of cake or pie, but when it comes to desserts that can pass off as breakfast--I had better be careful! When you're under 5'3'' it seems that you have to watch every single thing that goes into your mouth.

Ha ha ha...

Other than watching the horribly depressing WWII era film The Mortal Storm, I've been playing the rare and hyped Dawn of Ys on my PS3. I'm what might be considered a petite Ys fan, meaning that I've played most of the games and enjoyed them, but would be the first one to list their flaws. Of the versions of Ys IV I have only played the PS2 version of Mask of the Sun. I know that version has a bad reputation as all the Taito remakes do, but I found myself liking the game in spite of the gameplay issues. Now that I've played about 6 hours of what many Ys fans to be the definitive version of Ys IV and one of the most awesome games of the franchise, let me tell you...that I think that Dawn of Ys sucks. I'm sorry. It isn't a great game. The story is bad compared to the remake, the music is most MIDI, and the game is much too hard. Adol is still doing the lame running-at-the-enemy-with-his-sword-drawn thing, like you're playing a fantasy themed pinball game instead of action-adventure. The voice acting is good, but the characters are all morons. So much for a godlike game...honestly, I wasn't expecting much, but it kind of makes Ys VI look good. At least the townspeople were amusing in that game!

Really, the only Ys game I can recommend to anyone is Ys VII. Still, the others at least had a little something to offer in exchange for crushing difficulty. I'm not sure that Hudson was thinking when they got their hooks into that game.