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Lalaloopsy News?

I dunno if it's news or not, but the newest full-size Lalaloopsy, Prairie Dusty Trails, is NOT a boy like many people speculated. She's a brown-haired cowgirl doll with the Marina Anchors/Peppy Pom Poms head. She was sewn on Annie Oakley's birthday, and comes with an adorable pet cactus. I have to have her. Bwah hah!

Also, TRU has listed a few new Lalaloopsy Littles on their online shop...with no pictures yet. Little sibling versions of Jewel Sparkles, Spot Splatter Splash, Marina Anchors and ::gasp:: Sahara Mirage. If they're listed on TRU's website, they have to be legit, right? I hope they are, in spite of what they'll eventually do to my wallet!

I'd love it if they did full-sized versions of the fairy-tale themed minis. I really doubt it, though.

EDIT: Also, found picture of big version of Pix E. Flutters. She has the Sahara Mirage/Swirly Figure Eight head mold, medium dark skin like Sahara's (as opposed to Swirly's much darker skin tone) and lime green hair. Cute cute cute. I had thought she would only be a mini, but I guess not!