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Thank God for Air Conditioning.

I remember last year when we had a heat wave on the East Coast and we kept having brown-outs because everyone was using their A.C. That sucked.

We picked out some flowers today. It was plenty hot, but I was smart enough to wear my hair down and I wasn't sunburned. Dad wanted us to find some flowering tobacco, and even though it didn't impress me much I picked up a few--it's Father's Day, after all! I wanted to buy some succulents. Someone killed my ice plant last year, and I needed to find a replacement for that. I love hens-and-chicks and all those other weird cactus things you can grow outside. They look like alien creatures! ^_^

I think our peony bush has had it for the year. Oh well, it's given us some gorgeous flowers. There's nothing quite like the feeling you get when you see a bunch of little kids rubbernecking on the sidewalk at your flowers. That's precious n_n...

Our prissy neighbor's phlox has been growing under her fence into our yard. We've been using it for cut flowers--it's ours, now! I have half a mind to covertly plant a grafted seedling from my peppermint into her garden at night. Let's see her try to recover from that! I hear mint can shoot out suckers everywhere. ^o^ She's not a nice woman--she's kind of like the Martha Stewart of our neighborhood. When I was 4 she had this huge German Shepherd that chased me down whenever it saw me (in my own yard!) and tried to bite me. She thought it was funny. Bitch.

I'm stuck at the Colosso part of Golden Sun. I hate it when they force to you to enter a fighting tournament in an RPG--hasn't that been done to death? I made it to the third stage before the battery light turned red. Now I have to charge the thing for 3 hours. I could play attached to the wall, but I think I need a break.