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Warmth returns at last.

For us, at least. A lot of people in CT are still in the dark and cold and will be until at least the end of the week. We're sheltering our aunt and grandmother at our house until they get power back. We got ours back around noon on Tuesday, and not a moment too soon. Our inside temperature had dropped to 46 degrees that morning!

So what do we do? Repent? This has been one lousy year for weather! Most people I've heard from booked it out of here as soon as they lost power, but we stayed here in the cold and dark for more than two days and lived like cave people. We would never leave BooBoo alone, even if the cold didn't seem to bother him. We had stored water to use to flush the toilets, and when that ran out (because it takes 5 gallons to flush the toilet once) we collected snow meltwater from the gutters, and a lot of it! Washing my face with freezing cold water from a bottle every morning and night was a horrible experience, but I endured it for the sake of cleanliness. Our Rose of Sharon got squashed flat by snow but thankfully sprang up after it melted. Our beloved cherry tree Shogetsu took a huge hit but we might be able to save it. A small mulberry tree fell on one of our cars but didn't smash anything. Fun times, kids!

But we have power and heat now. We just got our phone and internet back today. So I can't complain. I still have paranoia about them cutting us off now. I've got the shakes...XD