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The Return of Autumn?

Thank God that the warm and humid weather is finally at an end! I've always thought that October was the greatest month of the year. Cool days, cool nights and my birthday is right smack dab in the middle. XD

Speaking of which, "Julia Child," my birthday rose, will be blooming for the first time next week. The petals peeking out of the bud are bright orange! Even though it's listed as a yellow rose, I remember that when I saw it in person it had a strong hint of peach. And the bud looks flawless. The thrips couldn't have gotten to it because it had good-sized buds when it arrived. They usually work their way into the buds when they're small.

I'm almost done with the "James Mason" bed. "James Mason" is already in it, along with herbaceous peony "Scarlett O'Hara." There may or may not be a yellow-jackets' nest in the mound of grass I haven't raked out yet. I hope not! The bed is as big as a small whale so far--plenty of room for herbaceous peony "Coral Sunset" and another rose in the spring. I asked Northland Rosarium if they were planning on getting "Madame Hardy" for next year, and they kindly offered to do a cutting for me for the spring. I'm really glad, because I wanted a white OGR and I was worried that "Madame Plantier" would be too big. I want to make a point of growing roses that can't grow in warmer climates. I'd like to feel that I have something over the Zone 7+ people who never have to worry about winter protection. XD

I've noticed that slugs have been eating the leaves off one of my Oriental Poppies "Princess Victoria Louise." Damn! I set a little tupperware container of beer out in the side garden so they can drink themselves to death. I hope they like Rolling Rock!

After the bowl was out for a half hour, I found two slugs on the rim. Jeez!

I hope that no woodland creatures find their way to the bowl. I don't want to deal with any drunk chipmunks or squirrels.

A skunk just sprayed somewhere around the house. I hope it isn't intoxicated!