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Let's do more digging!

That's right, we need more flower beds so we can plant more flowers! XD

Actually, all I did was dig out and edge the other side of the circular bed in the front around the periwinkle patch, which currently contains the dried-out corpse of Mons. Jules Elie, butterfly bush "White Profusion," shrub rose "Quietness" and assorted daylilies and iris. At first the bed was narrow on one side and wide on the other, like a fried egg with the yolk on one side. I figured that I should try to make the two ends match. I need room for Buck rose "Simon Estes" and herbaceous peony "Salmon Dream."

Don't ask me about that last one. Don't ask me about that one, I'm not the only person who buys plants in this house!

"Salmon Dream" is a really gorgeous peony, a semi-double like "Paula Fay" and "Coral Supreme" but pale salmon pink. I had thought that it had sold out everywhere, but I was wrong.

Too bad there are yellow jackets nesting in the periwinkle patch. Oh, I have to be careful until we spray them.

Just when I had decided to pass on growing cosmos next year, I saw a hummingbird hovering around "Snowpuff" this morning. An honest-to-goodness hummingbird, not a hummingbird moth. I saw its beak!

I read online that annuals like cosmos and sunflowers attract the beneficial insects that kill pests on roses. I'm never gonna escape from them.

I think it's funny that in spite of my usual preferences, my favorite color in a rose is apricot. I've loved apricot and yellow roses ever since I was a kid with my nose pressed up against the glass of our supermarket's florist case. I also like white and pink roses...red, not so much. I have a soft spot for the orangey roses, which is odd because I typically don't like the color orange at all.

"Margo Koster" and "Buff Beauty," you will be mine!