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Ready for its close-up.

Floribunda Rose "Moondance" still has thrips, but it's not as badly infested as it used to be. I think that the torrential rains we got from the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee probably drowned a lot of them.

This is the first flower Moondance has given me all year that doesn't have significant thrip damage. The rosebush has been a real trooper, producing blooms like mad for the past two months and I've hated to have to cut them all off to keep the thrips from spreading. I think I might be making some headway. This flower is a brilliant glimpse into a world where Moondance doesn't have thrips. XD

I read somewhere that Actinovate, the organic anti-fungal product I bought for the peonies, works great on eliminating thrips on roses. Oh, could it be true? I'll have to wait until the weather cools off on Thursday, and give it a try.