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Couldn't wait ten days?

Sweet Autumn Clematis. by Leenechan
Sweet Autumn Clematis., a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

It isn't autumn yet, but our sweet autumn clematis is still blooming. Since it's been raining a lot lately, the fragrance isn't as strong as usual. It smells a little like jasmine.

I haven't been paying much attention to dolls lately, but I'm amused by the fact that the 8th series Ex Cute Miu has navy blue princess-cut hair like the rerooted Secret Wonderland Miu Kristen did for me last fall. Who would have thought? I'm tempted to say that the hair on my doll looks better, because it's thicker and a blend of two colors, but I love the pink eyes on the 8th series doll. Oh well. I won't be getting her.