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The White One.

I've been having the hardest time taking a picture of this Japanese anemone. Like most springy, long-stemmed plants, they bounce around like mad in the slightest breeze. This is one of the runners we transplanted last summer. I'm glad that it still hasn't reached its max height of four to five feet yet. I wonder if planting this on the side of the front walkway was a great idea?

The Japanese anemones, Snowpuff cosmos and butterfly bushes are going to pull us through the fall. Everything else is pretty much done. I've pulled up cosmos "Cosimo Sparkling Wine" already; it had burned itself out by the last week of August. The tomatoes are gone too...but the Fairy Tale eggplants are continuing to produce. God, I love those plants. I got six of them and they still don't produce enough fruit for me!

Not much else to report...we made our first peach pie this weekend and it was pretty terrific. The credit goes to Kristen, of course. She's the one who can make pie crust. I just cut up the peaches and brushed egg white wash on the crust before we put the pie in the oven. XD