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Pretty Purple.

Black Knight, doing better. by Leenechan
Black Knight, doing better., a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

Haven't taken a flower photo in a long time! It's been a little too windy...

But here, see how well butterfly bush "Black Knight" is doing now! Of all the butterfly bushes in our yard, it was the most scraggly for the longest time. Its companion shrub, Honeycomb, has grown amusingly wide over the past couple of weeks. I'm so glad that none of these babies were damaged by Hurricane Irene. That would have broken my heart.

I can't believe the seed packet for cosmos Snowpuff suggests growing them in a pot! They're freaking four and half feet tall right now, and getting taller! I wish there was a dwarf variety available. Still, they are beautiful. I will be doing those next year.

Quietness has flowerbuds. I only planted it three weeks ago, and it already has flowerbuds.

Moondance still has thrips. Not as many as before, but...ugh.

Those cucumber seeds I flung into the side garden have grown up into vines and are now producing tasty fruit. They're tying up Ellen's Blue...

The Oriental poppies are starting to leaf out again. That means they're going to live next year!