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More Digging.

No pictures today, although it was the first dry day in a long time. My job of the evening was to properly edge the backyard bed that contains butterfly bushes "Black Knight" and "Honeycomb" as well as daylilies "Congo Coral," "Gentle Shepherd" and "Northport." "Honeycomb" in particular has grown very large since we planted it in early July.

In the fall we're adding peonies "Buckeye Belle" and "Minnie Shaylor" to the bed. "Minnie Shaylor" is a white semi-double herbaceous peony that was used in the development of both "Coral Supreme" and intersectional peony "Bartzella," which had better give us some awesome yellow flowers next year!

We have some Japanese anemone transplants in there, too. And some tall bearded iris I bought from Schreiners in July. I'm not sure which ones, though...

I gotta tell ya, it's no fun trying to edge a bed on a hill!

We sampled the first fruit of our "Caroline" raspberries' fall crop tonight. I give them an A+++ for flavor, much nicer than last year's fruit! You have to water raspberries a lot when they're fruiting if you want the fruit to be sweet. This summer's ridiculous rainfall (almost 8 inches in August already!) has done them a good turn. Too bad everything else is suffering from the damp! ::sneezes::

I have a gripe about butterfly bush "Peach Cobbler," which I earlier called the best butterfly bush ever. Compared to the others it doesn't produce a lot of flower spikes. I don't know if it's because it's supposed to be less invasive...