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Today is a good day to take photos.

"What's your name?" by Leenechan
"What's your name?", a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

And gardening! Over the past few days I've been busting my butt digging out two new flower beds. One is a half circle in the front, a proper flowerbed for Msr. Jules Elie and Butterfly Bush "White Profusion." It will also be the future home of peonies "Lorelei" (preordered, definite location) and "First Arrival" (preordered, possible location). Hopefully, it was also be the home for a "Quietness" rose. I've seen sites selling that shrub rose now, but in the Northeast you have to plant roses in the spring.

I also am creating a wider bed on the east side of the house, where Japanese Anemone "Robustissima", our two tree peonies and mountain laurel "Nathan Hale" currently reside. It will also be the future home for peony "Scarlett O'Hara", Chinese tree peony "Flying Swallow in a Red Dress" and butterfly bush "Miss Molly." Tree roots and yellow jackets abound. Phew!

I love my new yellow edger.