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Things that go BOOM! in the night.

So Kristen and I were hanging out in the basement last night watching Sanjuro off the DV-R when we heard a very loud explosion in the laundry room. At first Kristen thought it was the furnace, which is located at the far left of the room and is prone to all sorts of malfunctions. I didn't think so, because I didn't smell smoke, and when the furnace has mishaps it makes a very different kind of boom. I thought it might have been coming from the downstairs bathroom. The toilet pump, maybe? Everything seemed normal around there. I went upstairs to see if anyone (like Lucas) had knocked something over that only made a sound like an explosion. Nothing.

So just as we were about to work ourselves into a full panic, Kristen mentioned that it kind of sounded like a soda can exploding, like they sometimes do when the refrigerator is too cold and they freeze. I checked the downstairs refrigerator and found a can of Diet Coke with Lime blown out in the back of the bottom shelf. There was Coke-colored slush all over the inside of the fridge. XD

Apparently, we had forgotten to replace the thermometer in the fridge. It's 24 degrees in there. This morning when I was upstairs washing dishes I heard another can explode. Holy crap. I haven't had that happen since the microfridge I kept in my college dorm froze all my seltzer water!