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Winding to a close.

How is it possible? It's only the first week of August!

We still have a few flowers to look forward to. Floribunda rose "Moondance" is having another go of it. Five more flower buds! Fresh and green! I hope that the bugs leave them alone this time; I really want to see what they can do. A few morning glories have popped in the back, but I want to wait until the flowers in the front open before I take a picture for the best display. The asters usually don't bloom until September. And those "weird poppies"...any day now. I threw down a packet of seeds in late May and now I have five plants.

One "Snowpuff" cosmos is almost open all the way. It is a very strange flower. I'll have to wait until it's open completely before I take a photo.

I have a canker sore inside my cheek that's so painful that I've been thinking of ending my own life. I've had it for two weeks already.

It actually hurts a little less this morning...maybe I should stay my hand...