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More of the same, but a little different.

Yes, it is another black-haired doll.

But it isn't a Pure Neemo girl! This doll used to be Volks Dark Angels Faye. I'm not sure which version, because I got her as a disembodied head on eBay. Like most versions of Faye, she used to have a ratty reddish-brown ponytail. Sorry to anyone who likes the hairstyle on Shino, Amanda and many others! I'm not sure why Volks was/is so hung up on that spiky 'do with the rat tail in back!

Kristen actually rerooted this doll for me. I think we might have had some sort of trade going on. She said she wanted to leave me more time to do "selfish things." I'm not sure what she had in mind...

She rerooted this doll with Restoredoll saran in Noir. That's right, Noir again! If you want to do straight black hair, it's definitely superior to the finer, less shiny Color Magic Midnight.

I renamed this doll "Sei," because I think she looks like the heroine of the Moto Hagio manga "Star Red" when she was in her earthling disguise. Black hair and black eyes are cool!