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July Rainbow.

After the storm, 7/13/11. by Leenechan
After the storm, 7/13/11., a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

We had a gusty thundershower tonight at around 7pm...right after we watered the plants! The wind whipped the trees around for a good half hour. I was worried about that fledgling robin in the nest in our Rose of Sharon, because the whole tree was swinging back and forth like an amusement park ride. Shortly after it started raining the huge Papa Robin came back to the nest and settled on top of his baby with his wings spread out to protect it from the rain. I thought that was pretty cute! The baby has almost grown too big for the nest at this point. Every morning I see it climbing up to the edge and flapping its wings around like it wants to launch. Once the mother robin actually squashed herself onto top of it to keep it from escaping. And who says that mother birds always kick their babies out of the nest? XD

I know that a lot of baby robins don't live to adulthood. I hope that nothing happens to this one. I can't believe how big it's grown now--if it weren't for its scrawny neck and speckled feathers I'd think it was an adult.

"Lauren's Grape" produced a miniature flower today. I couldn't take a picture because the wind was bouncing it around too much in the morning, and by evening the petals were gone. I picked my first Fairy Tale Eggplant this morning. I'm going to need at least four more to make a dish, though...It feels so smooth and firm, and there isn't a blemish on it. XD

We got our second Anne raspberry today. I forgot to take a picture! It was the second of five berries...::snickers:: It was delicious. Maybe it's because it was a yellow raspberry, but it tasted like a banana.