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My Feet.

I have this almond milk beeswax skin cream that smells wonderfully of marzipan and I swear I just used half the jar on my feet tonight. It's supposed to be for your hands (isn't everything?) but my skin is particularly sensitive to fragrances on my upper body. I've had eczema pop up there if I'm not careful, and that's really nasty stuff! O_O Still, the cream has such a neat consistency, like buttercream frosting, and I'm happy that I can at least use it on my poor burning feet.

My older brother had a bad time with eczema when he was a baby. I've seen photos of him from the time he was an infant and his face is covered with the stuff. He outgrew it when he was a toddler, though. Lucky me got my first taste of it when I was 15. -_-;;....It was an oogly red patch on the outside of my elbow. I've never had it in a particularly noticeable place, and it's pretty much under control now, but....ugh. I shudder to disclose this information with people, but I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem. I swear, the universe is making me pay for not having acne as a teenager. I have the driest skin of anyone I know. I can't wear wool, or use fabric softener, or use bubble bath or scented soap or lotion or anything. People have suggested cortisone but it doesn't work for me. The only thing that keeps it away is to drown myself in Lubriderm two or three times a day. It's been less of a problem now than it's been in a while, but I hope I can outgrow it! It's an expensive affliction.


I played the Sims tonight. I want to kill the neighbors that my poor Sim can't seem to please. I bought her a basketball hoop to cheer her up, she seems to like it. It seems ridiculous that it's more important to make her play basketball in order to motivate her to study than to have her eat more than one meal a day.

It hasn't stopped raining yet. I don't have a problem with that. I like the rainyness. ^_^