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Evening Contemplations.

Now that "Honeycomb" is sleeping soundly in its bed, I must contemplate the fact that once autumn rolls around we're going to have ten butterfly bushes growing in our yard.

I think they really are a benefit. After all, not only do they attract beautiful butterflies and hummingbirds, but also the bees that later move on to pollinate our raspberries and potted vegetables. What would happen if we didn't have bees pollinating our stuff? We'd have to pollinate it by hand, wouldn't we?

The "Anne" raspberries are ripening to a pretty golden yellow. All three of them. That's right! Since we only planted those yellow raspberry bushes this spring, they're only giving us three raspberries this summer. ::snickers:: I will take a picture of those raspberries when they ripen.

I swear, the Fairy Tale Eggplants are growing at a rate of an inch a day. How cool! So far we have five on the plants. I'm praying that tomorrow's potentially heavy rain doesn't knock them off their stalks!

"Imperial Pink" has a big fat flower bud that's getting ready to open. It looks like Kermit the Frog without eyes.

Four "Weird Poppies" have survived the summer so far. I'm very interested in seeing if these plants that came from free seeds actually bloom.

I think the robin living in our Rose of Sharon only had one chick this time. It looks to be about a week old. It's so cute to see its tiny face peeking out from beneath its mama's red breast. I have to get careful about standing too close to the nest, though. Both the mama and her mate have tried to do the angry bird rush on me before. I think they're just paranoid because the mockingbirds keep trying to chase them out of the tree, but still...I ought not to push it. I'll just peek on them from the window.

I had to take a break from rerooting my Raili because I hurt my back somehow. I thought I ought to not exercise for a few days, but strangely enough it feels good to stretch it out. Maybe I slept it on wrong...

The survival guide we have lying around in our basement says that if we have a major disaster that destroys the infrastructure of our society, all the people living the suburbs will be growing food in their gardens while the city folk starve to death. I wonder if I can sneak some carrot plants into the ground somewhere?