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I should do something....

....but my brain doesn't want to work. I have all these plans to follow through on, but all I can seem to do is work on my afghan. Is there something wrong with me? I don't even know what I'm going to do with it when I'm finished! Oh well, you can never have enough afghans. Except when it's 80 degrees outside 6_6.

My mother bought me an window air conditioner a while ago, but it turns out that it needs a three prong outlet, and my room only has two prong outlets. Damn! And they strongly advise against using an adaptor. I don't know what I'm going to do. What about a power strip? What's it going to do, blow up? Burn down the house? It's not a huge air conditioner. I'm not really willing to take the chance and do something that the manual strongly advises against, but....damn! This sucks! It sucks! ::kicks a wall::

Anyway, I don't want them in here rubbernecking at my SDs while they're trying to install that thing, anyway. ^o ^

Why is it that whenever you get a new piece of household equipment the manual is like blah blah blah YOU WILL DIE if you don't practically coat yourself in rubber before you use this product? I know it's a precaution, but really "if you do not have a three prong outlet DO NOT CUT OFF THIRD PRONG ON POWER CORD! Oops! ::puts down scissors:: I guess there are some real idiots out there.

2 years ago, we had a new stove delivered when neither of my parents were home, and I had to use it to make dinner. It's one of those smooth top ones, and after reading the manual I was almost positive that either I was going to scratch the range just by putting a pot on top of it or that the damn thing was going to fall over and crush me to death.

It's too hot to think about dolls. I do still love Emilio, though, so he wasn't an impulse buy. I like to sit him on my lap as I type. He's starting to look more gentle to me.