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Something's been digging in my garden...

For the past two days, I've gone out in the morning to find one of my new daylily transplants ripped out of the ground (but still alive) and a hole dug in its place. I'm assuming that some kind of animal is doing this. Probably a skunk or a squirrel attracted to the scent of Neptune's Harvest. Thankfully no damage was done to the plants, and I was able to return them to their spots and water them in again. I just don't know why this has gotta happen now. There's a neurotic part of me that wonders if it's some kind of prank, but one of the daylilies that was uprooted was in a place that no human would have been looking. And I have had animals digging at the bases of my shrubs, in potted plants, etc. I've put foil collars around all my new daylilies until they root themselves properly into the ground.

"Moondance" opened its first flower today. It was pretty raggedy. I'm hoping I can expect more from this rose in the future! Ironically, after all I complained about gardening against my climate, the poppies are looking better than the roses now. "Moondance's" flower might not have been beautiful, but it had an intriguing fragrance. Like raspberry Jell-O. I kid you not. Floribunda rose "Moondance" has flowers that smell like raspberry Jell-O!

I'm not sure what's going to pop next. It might be another daylily, though butterfly bush "Ellen's Blue" is slowly filling out its lovely blue-violet flower spikes. My poppies "Lauren's Grape" and "Imperial Pink" are popping out all over with little flower buds. I'm so glad that they aren't going to do just one flower per plant! I heard it's more like six. The three oriental poppies should be going dormant, but they're still growing new leaves. Even that cursed "Eyecatcher" that dropped the lone flower bud it came with has grown bigger. I've never had an oriental poppy grow larger in my care. I think I might be on to something!