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First Daylily.

Our first daylily of the year bloomed this morning. We bought it so long ago that I'm not sure which cultivar it is. Maybe "Custard Candy?" For the past ten years, this cutie had been living in a clump in front of our well pump, hidden by the shadow of our massive Rose of Sharon. This spring we finally dug it up, divided it and transplanted all its parts to more conspicuous parts of the front garden. This division is a little too close to "Royal Red," so we'll have to move it again in a year...but it's happy where it is for now.

Why does flickr always have to go down when I want to upload a photo?

"Moondance" is getting set to open what very well may be its only flower bud of the year. It looks to be in better shape than the bud I pinched off. I'm seriously starting to wonder if I've been overdoing it with the insecticidal soap?

"Imperial Pink" has a flower bud now. The first "Lauren's Grape" now has two. Now I want to see some poppies!

It looks like all the cosmos in the front border are "Cosimo Sparkling Wine." I guess I should be upset, but all the flowers in our front garden are such vivid colors that I wonder if pale pink cosmos would have looked out of place?

Sunflowers are getting tall. Morning glories are winding around everything. Our eggplants are doing poorly, our tomatoes plants are doing well and our cucumber plants are covered with bright orange flowers.