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Gaming again...and boy do my thumbs hurt!

I was supposed to be banned from playing video games until June 1st, but I ended up taking an even longer hiatus! Finally, I decided that it wouldn't do me harm to try to relax a little and play something. So I broke my RPG habit and tried out Katamari Forever for the PS3. I had actually bought that game around Christmas and never broke the shrink wrap. It's a very fun game, nice-looking with good music and incredibly addictive...but I suck at it. Big time. After a few hours of gameplay my thumbs have been reduced to hamburger. My left thumb in particular is so sore that I can barely compress the button on my electric toothbrush! Am I just stupid, or is it really hard to roll the katamari around?

Just the same, it's a very enjoyable game for someone like me who's played nothing but RPGs for the past decade. I'll just have to bandage up my thumbs and play again tonight...