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Rainy Day.

It's a delayed front or something. It's been raining non-stop today. If I had plans for the holiday, they would have been a wash-out, but luckily I got everything in yesterday ^_^!

We had a little trouble finding our way to Cricket Hill, but it was worth it to see the lovely tree peonies. Supposedly, they only open their garden for 3 weeks out of the year, when the flowers are blooming. I admit that I'm not as into gardening as Kristen, but I still enjoyed myself quite a bit. Chinese tree peonies, especially the lotus-flowered ones, make the standard herbaceous variety look kind of cheesy. There was a particular one that Kristen and I fell in love with that seemed to be the highlight of their collection. The plant was 13 years old, and it was pretty impressive! ^o^ I wish I had taken a picture. They sell a 4 year old version of the plant on their website for....a hundred dollars. =_=;;.....

It's too bad they're so expensive! We live in zone 6, and tree peonies are nice and hardy in Connecticut. If we ever decided to go crazy and buy one, I know it would do well, but....jeez! Let's fix the lawn first!

White Flower Farm was neat, especially since it wasn't 90 degrees outside like the last time we went. I became obsessed with this clematis with huge blue-violet flowers, but they were sold out. I'd like to preorder one for next year--vines are so cool!

The tulip display was unbelievable. I was surprised because all of ours are wilted already. I guess Litchfield has a cooler climate? I swear, everyone who lives in Litchfield is filthy rich but they pay for it with their hellish weather. They have tornadoes all the time, and we haven't had one since 1978!

My brothers were crazy loud last night. I heard my older brother went to bed at 10 am. My father brought home cases of Jamaican beer on Saturday, and I said "Oh, so are the intellectuals going to get drunk all weekend?" -_- It's funny how whenever I'm offered alcohol at a family party my father and brothers are like @_@...and if I accept my younger brother stares at me the whole time and raises his eyebrows when I laugh or do anything that gaves him the impression that I'm drunk. Uh....I turned legal 3 years ago! Please let me have the right to feel like I'm 21 again! ^_^;.... I just shudder to think that now that my brothers are out of school, they're going to treat our house like a college dorm. I hope they sleep a lot.

I've been thinking of painting a 1/6 scale doll, but maybe it's too soon? I have a NDR 04 head that I rooted and provided with a body a while ago, but I'm terrified to paint it because it's just so TINY!