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Sometimes, they look to buy...

Robin's Egg. Likely a Dud. by Leenechan
Robin's Egg. Likely a Dud., a photo by Leenechan on Flickr.

The mockingbirds may have been looking at our Rose of Sharon as a prospective nesting spot, but the robins must have made a better offer. XD There's a beautiful nest in the tree that definitely wasn't there last week, and Mama Robin is currently sitting on it. If I peek through the blinds on my bedroom window, I can see her and the nest up close. How lucky!

We found this egg lying on the ground below the tree. I'm guessing it's a dud. It's cracked a little on one side.

I'm glad that the robins have laid claim to the tree, honestly. Robins usually don't mind human traffic near their nests, but mockingbirds are known to attack people who come close to theirs. That would make it awfully hard for us to turn on the hose!