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Go, Go Pink Delight!

This butterfly bush "Pink Delight" has looked bad for a long time. Now it finally looks good! The flowers aren't open all the way yet, but you can see their lovely and unusual pink color. Some people say this is the best butterfly bush ever...

Speaking of butterfly bush, Petite Plum and Ellen's Blue are sporting immature flower spikes. Peach Cobbler (did I mention that one?) and Miss Ruby are lagging behind. Now that Pink Delight is starting to show its stuff, I'm thinking that Miss Ruby really is Miss Ruby. The growth habit of Pink Delight looks different.

Talking of other flowers...I'm amused to discover that the "Sensation" mix cosmos that I grew in pots last year has reseeded itself all over the yard. Sunflowers are getting tall...still no poppy flowers. But they are getting bigger. Daylilies have flower buds. Coreopsis ready to bloom. Morning glories everywhere...

I saw a goldfinch this morning. It was poking around the potted eggplants on the deck. I hope it wasn't doing anything mean...