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Mock Orange, After the Rain.

The mock orange looks great this year, thanks to Kristen's meticulous pruning. Unfortunately, I never have an easy time photographing it, because the wind always bounces the branches around and throws the picture out of focus. At least today I didn't have the strong sun to contend with!

At ten feet, this mock orange is the second tallest tree in our front yard. The tallest is the Rose of Sharon, which started out as a weedy, three-foot sapling in a nursery pot in 1999 and is now taller than our house. Yesterday, I caught two mockingbirds poking around inside that Rose of Sharon like a newlywed couple checking out a condo. XD

News from the rest of the garden: I have baby tomatoes! Also, my Black Beauty Eggplants and Butterfly Bush "Petite Plum" have spider mites...time to break out the insecticidal soap!

Floribunda Rose "Moondance" has two flower buds.

I saw the rabbit again this morning. =_= It was on the edge of our property, munching weeds. It was the skinniest rabbit I've ever seen.